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A drab office with faded paint is a space that needs an update. All Weather Coatings & Paints, Inc. will provide top-quality commercial painting services for your project in Elsa, TX. We offer package deals for our commercial painting services that include a 1-year warranty. Whether you want fresh paint applied during a remodel or a new construction project, we'll make sure your space looks perfect.

Choose the commercial painters who handle jobs properly. We'll protect your space while painting.

5 common commercial paint colors

Did you know that the paint on your walls can impact how your employees feel? The right paint color may even promote efficiency and engagement in the office. Some people find that:

1. Blue can help lead to a feeling of productivity
2. Purple can create a soothing and luxurious feeling
3. Yellow can bring up spirits in creative office spaces
4. Green can help create a feeling of calm and steadiness
5. Gray can help develop a balanced feeling when paired with other accent colors

Purple is a common choice for spas, salons and groomers while yellow, blue and gray are often used in office spaces. If you'd like an outside opinion on how to paint your space, contact one of our commercial painters today.